How This Works

Details of the services we provide

Upon the approval of your submission; We will provide Free Production, Free Mixing, Mastering, and Free Distribution.  


Production provides Editing, Instrumentals, Background Vocals, ETC. as needed. All Genres allowed!

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Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Mastering is all conducted in a professional studio environment. Changes made to the mix will be submitted to YOU for your approval.


Final products are distributed to major platforms. (Spotify, Google, Amazon, ETC) Copyrights and Royalties are split 50/50 between Artist(s) and Company. ARTIST(S) RETAIN OWNERSHIP OF ALL LYRICS AND VOCALS.

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Artists with finalized product(s) will be featured on this website. 


Submission costs are non-refundable. All submissions are reviewed, not all submissions are accepted.